Question and Answers for Week 3 Web Design

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Week 3 Questions and Answers


Question and Answers for Week 1 Web Design

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Week 2 Questions and Answers

1. What is Browser-Safe Color Palette / Web-Safe Colors?
Browser-Safe Color Palette are The palettes of colors in sets that are being used on a webpage.
Web safe color has total number of 216 colors and is usually used because it has 6 shades of each RGB.

2. Is it still relevant in today’s context? Why?
Yes. Because today’s content is just the surface.

3. What are the common fonts face found on PC & Mac?
Times New Roman, Arial Family, Century Family, Lucida  Family 

4. What is page loading time and how it influence your design?
Most people hate waiting. No matter how much a web page can attract him/her yet the
loading time is very very long, they person will just leave the web page.

5. Read about Web Design Process article above and write about what you think about it (at least 150 words).
After reading the web design process article, i understood better how it takes to create a web. I realised it is not easy at all to design a web. There are alot alot of steps to complete a web design. In the web, everytink had been broken down and there are alot of steps. As i look through, i saw things that i had never thought that would be needed for a web design. I thought those were totally unrelated to web design. If anyone thinks that creating a web is very easy, you are wrong. Designing a web not only need to know how to design and know html, there are many many many alot alot alot more things you will need to know. Even you had finish creating a web, it does not means you are done. To complete a web page, there are alot more then only one thing that is to be done. Especially checking, it is very important to check. It take alot effort and takes up alot alot of time to have a successful web page. Therefore, to create a web design or web page, you need to plan really very well of what you want to do. Be very very organised to have a successful one.
Therefore, i think to do a webpage properly, make full use of time and not do it last min and think you can do it well.

Question and Answers for Week 1 Web Design

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Questions and answer for web design

1. Name as many browsers as you can.
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera

2. What is a browser war ?
A browser war is about different browsers fight against one another for dominance in the web browser marketplace.

3. What is I.P address?
An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical identification and logical address that is assigned to devices which could be tracked down. 

4. What is a URL?
A URL is the address to every web page.

5. What is a good website?
– Elegant
– Usable clear functions
– Clear Infomations
– Good interaction

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